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好きだったCMソング:Def-Tech 「My Way」  My Favorite CM Songs: “My Way” by Def-Tech

 大好きだった人も多いと思います。2005年の前半、タイヤのCMで流れていたDef-Techの「My Way」が、ヒットチャートを席巻しました。自分もすぐにハマって、CDを緊急購入しました。

 I guess many people loved this song., "My Way” by Def-Tech, which was a TV commercial song for car tires, swept the hit charts in the first half of 2005. I was also into it so soon that I bought the CD in a big hurry.

04 My Way - Def Tech [歌詞あり]

 8曲入りだったこのCDを、全曲気に入って、2,3週間ヘビロテしていました。こんだけ聴いてればイケる、と勢い余ってカラオケで「My Way」入れたら英語の部分はおろか、日本語の歌詞もよく追えずに赤っ恥でした。

 The CD contained 8 tracks and I loved all of them so I kept listening to the CD for a couple of weeks. I thought I listened to them enough to be able to sing along with karaoke so I gave “My way” a try, but I ended up with egg on my face because I couldn’t follow the words on the screen not only the English part but also even the Japanese part so well.

02 High on Life - Def Tech [歌詞あり]

 このアルバムで「My Way」より好きだった曲があります。2曲目の「High on Life」です。ハワイアンなギターのリフで静かに始まるこの曲は、ゆるやかな前半から次第に盛り上がりを見せ、最後は美しいビーチで夕陽に染まる海と空を見晴るかしているような、そんな壮大な気持ちになって終われます。この曲の一節に、

“Jawaii has it all”


 There was a song I liked even more than “My Way” in this album. That song was “High on Life”, the second track. Starting with slow, Hawaiian refrain with the guitar, it gathers momentum gradually in the first half and then it makes you end up imagining yourself on a beach looking over across the ocean and the sky being tinged with the evening glow, then feeling somewhat magnificent toward the end of the song. There are words in this song as follows.

“Jawaii has it all”

 Jawaii is a word they have created and it is a combination of their home countries, Japan, where Micro is from, and Hawaii, where Shen is from. The characteristic sound of Def-tech was created when these two were mixed with reggae.   

 彼らの歌は、メッセージ性の強いものが多く、このアルバムの5曲目、BENNIE KYUKIがコーラスで参加している「Quality of Life」は、フェミニズムがテーマです。2011年に車のCMで使われた「Golden Age」という曲も、歌詞が沁みてくるいい曲です。ここで挙げた曲はすべて、アマゾン・プライムでストリーミング無料となっています。久しぶりに聴きました。やっぱり気持ちよくて、カラオケ気分になっています。

 Some of their songs have clear messages, for example, the fifth track “Quality of Life”, which YUKI from BENNIE K joined as a chorus, has the theme of feminism. “Golden Age” which was used in a car commercial in 2001 is also good and tells us something important. If you have a membership of Amazon prime, you can use the streaming service for free to listen to all the songs I mentioned here. I did for the first time in many years. They were so good that I somehow felt like singing them along with Karaoke.

Def Tech - Golden Age


Def Tech

Def Tech