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Is that the real “Beauty and the Beast”?: Mステの「獣ゆく細道」すごすぎ


 I’m wondering what I should say about it. I was overwhelmed when I watched the performance of Ringo Sheena and Hiroji Miyamoto in the TV program Music Station. I was really absorbed in watching them. I was so excited that I was laughing and crying at the same time because of the great combination of the beauty who didn’t move at all and the beast who bounded around ferociously. His expression looked like sometimes a funny animal but sometimes a ferocious one and he ran around so restlessly that I want to have him take medicine called “Hiya Kiogan”, the tiny tablets given to children when they become too fretful in Japan, but he showed how great he is as a singer. 



 Come to think of it, my heart is always stirred up whenever I see her mysterious beauty. I don’t know how many times I have been absorbed in her beauty including Tokyo Jihen’s MV. I sometimes watch the MV of “Gunjyo Biyori” even now. I’m sure she has an ability in showing her own attractiveness fully and this ability must be, in my opinion, a large part of her greatness as a performer with another talent as a singer. 

東京事変 - 群青日和


椎名林檎 - いろはにほへと


 A singer called Aimyon who is becoming the object of attention also appeared so Music Station this time was really worth watching.