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長崎市近郊の道の駅:西海市「みかんドーム」 A Rest Stop in the Suburbs of Nagasaki: “Mikan Dome” in Saikai City



 A rest stop which you can drop in at while driving is something delightful like an added prize. There is a rest stop called “Mikan Dome” in Saikai city, on the north side of Nagasaki city, and it’s a good place to stop at on your way home from “Isanoura Park”, the park I mentioned last time.




  You can buy many sorts of souvenir inside the building which has the dome-shaped tented roof, plus you can get experience of soba-making or bread-making, if you make a reservation for it beforehand. They sold soft ice creams using tangerines for which Saikai city is noted, and I ordered a soft ice cream being half made of tangerine, half made of vanilla. It had a proper, refreshing flavor of tangerine. They also sold hamburgers called “Mikan Dome Burger” which looked delicious but I decided to keep the pleasure for the next chance.  



 I had lunch at a restaurant called “Kasayama” in Saikai city. I had a set menu called Jizakana (local fish) set which was really great in both quality and quantity and I was more than satisfied with raw fish and tempura. I definitely recommend you this place, too.