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やっぱりカッコいい曲:私立恵比寿中学「あたしきっと無限ルーパー」 A cool song, I realized so again: `Atashi Kitto Mugen Looper‘ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 アツい配信でした。3月2日(火)の20:00より配信されたエビ中の「Dive Connect @ Zepp Online」は、約1時間のライブ映像と50分間のトークという構成でした。

 The streaming program was so hot. ‘Dive connect @ Zepp Online’, which was streamed at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2nd, consisted of a one-hour concert video and a 50-minute talk show.


 In the concert, they sang 12 numbers. The theme of this concert was ‘Fascinate the viewers by their dance performance’ and the setlist was full of songs that you can fully enjoy their dance performance for sure. This streaming program is available until 9th so I won’t write the setlist here. Please allow me to mention some numbers in it.  


 There is a song that I realized again that it is so good. The song is ‘Atashi Kitto Mugen Looper’.

あたしきっと無限ルーパー エビ中 

名前も知らぬ街で 人影ひとつも無く


何度試してみても たどり着けないままで

どんなに願っても あたしきっと無限ルーパー

 In a city I don’t know even the name of it. I can’t see anyone here

 My finger lingering on the screen of my smartphone is trembling

 No matter how many times I try, I can’t get to the place

 No matter how much I wish, I’m sure I’m just an endless looper

駅中 駅地下 駅ホーム




 In the building of the station, in the station mall underground, on the platform of the station

 You may say I’m just playing in easy mode

 ‘I have a feeling that I came here just a little while ago’

 It is just another déjà vu

 戦々恐々 四面楚歌 マジでバミューダ




 With fear and trembling, deserted on all sides, I’m really like in the Bermuda Triangle

 I’m in a fix, I find myself in predicament

 I can’t get an answer right

 ‘the current location is unknown’

名前も知らぬ街で 人影ひとつも無く

分かれ道の度に 君の声を求めてる

何度試してみても たどり着けないけれど

どんなに挫けても あたしきっと無限ルーパー

 In a city I don’t know even the name of it. I can’t see anyone here

 At every fork in the road, I desire to hear your voice

 No matter how many times I try, I can’t get to the place

 No matter how many times I fail, I’m sure I’m an endless looper 



 It sounds so cool. I’m enthralled by the feeling of velocity. The lyrics seem to be meaningful at first sight, but come to think of it, what is described there is a girl who is lost in a station to be confused or defiant, and I can’t help smiling when I notice that. It is just right to perform in a concert because the dance performance for it is so fascinating.

 5th アルバム「MUSiC」でファンになった自分は、そこからさかのぼってこの曲に出会いました。1st アルバム「中人」に収録されているこの曲は、一度聴いただけで好きにさせる力があります。今のエビ中が歌ってもなんの違和感もありません。むしろこの曲のカッコよさに、エビ中自体が追い付いてきている印象さえ、今回受けました。次回もこの配信で心に残った曲について感想を書きます。

 I became a fan of them when I listened to their 5th album called ‘MUSiC’ so I traced back their earlier songs to find this song. This song which is from their 1st album called ‘Chunin’ is so attractive that I like it at once. It doesn’t seem funny for the current Ebichu singing such an old song. I even have a feeling through this concert that Ebichu finally catch up with the cool atmosphere of this song. I will write about other songs that impressed me in the streaming concert next time.