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ライブレポート:私立恵比寿中学 Best at the moment series「6Voices」福岡公演② A Live Report: Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Best at the moment series ‘6 Voices in Fukuoka’②


 I gradually understand the meaning of ‘6Voices’ in the tour title while watching their performances. Every one of them had chances to sing as the lead vocal in turn. Yasumoto Ayaka was also given chances, of course.


 The backboard on the stage was fully used as a screen, and various kinds of videos were effectively played on it. Yasumoto Ayaka often appeared there and performed brilliantly in the songs in which she sang as a main vocalist. I saw a lot of people had them glow sticks lighted green.


 The reason they unnecessarily emphasized ‘6 voices’ is, in my opinion, this is the last tour for them performing with 6 members. The audition for the new member is taking place now. They will perform with 7 members from the next tour. Most of fans have mixed feelings about the new member, of course, and the members are also feeling mingled emotions for sure.


 At the end of the concert, Kashiwagi Hinata read her own message out loud. What she said first was the shame she had felt during the last three years spent with 6 members because she had heard many people say, ‘their performances have not been better than that of Ebichu PRIDE’. I felt sad because it was not like her to say such a negative thing but I was soon exhilarated with her words, ‘The latest Ebichu is the most powerful Ebichu’. I became a fan of them when I heard their album called ‘MUSiC’, which was released after Ebichu PRIDE, and the Ebichu with 6 members has been the best for me.  Then I traced back their previous albums and what I realized was Ebichu has been awesome all the time. I’m sure that we will see them eternally awesome even after the new member joins and they perform with 7 members.   


 Yasumoto Ayaka is going to come back some time in the future. They now overcome an ordeal again and will show their evolution. I have a feeling that this tour was an important turning point so it was something memorable for me.