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やっぱりアイドルってすごい:エビ中オーディションを観て思ったこと Sure enough, an idol is so great!: My impression of the audition for the new member of Ebichu.


 I watched the videos for the four-day audition camp to choose the new member of Ebichu on YouTube. I was moved by the great efforts of nine candidates who had been narrowed down out of 7000 applicants. What I realized this time was the fact that becoming an idol is really tough.



 I didn’t imagine that performing only two songs, ‘Haitateki!’and ‘Yuwakushitaiya’ was so difficult. Come to think of it, I’ve listen to these songs so many times but I don’t remember the lyrics exactly. So performing dances and shifting formations at the same time must be incredibly difficult.



 I held my breath for an instant when I saw the serious expressions on the members’ face while they were watching the audition. Then what I realized when I watched them unexpectedly perform ‘Haitateki’ was how great the real idols are. Each of them surely had a definite aura. I had a fresh think about what professionals should be like.

 Today, Ebichu is going to have concerts marking their ninth anniversary of their contract with the major label. Plus, they will introduce the member to us. I’m looking forward to it from the bottom of my heart.