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素敵な音楽プロジェクト:ぷらそにか「僕らはPOP」 YOASOBIのikuraさんも参加しています  A Nice Music Project: ‘Bokura wa POP’ by PULSONICA ikura, the vocalist of YOASOBI, also takes part in it


 What comes to mind first is a school music room rather than a studio. I feel as if I’m listening to my classmates who belong to light music club playing live with some instruments in the music room. I’m really happy to know this music project PULSONICA. I have a feeling that it might be the first time for me to know such pure, innocent music. The music session by 33 talented singer-songwriters seems to have infinite potential.

僕らはPOP / ぷらそにか (original)


 It’s so catchy that I came to like it after just one listen. At the same time, I somehow feel something lacking, too. I was soon aware that there was no sounds of electric guitar and drums. As I continued listening to the song, I realized how good their unplugged performance was. What made me listen to this song was YOASOBI. I just wanted to listen to the voice of ikura, the vocalist of the duo, some more, so I listen to the songs by PLUSONICA, a music project she has taken part in. In some senses, their sound is the opposite of YOASOBI’s.

夜に駆ける / YOASOBI (cover)

白日 / King Gnu (cover)

君はロックを聴かない / あいみょん (cover)


 I’ve searched the YouTube for their MV, which they have uploaded every Friday. They are fun to listen to. They make me feel so good. I’ve already been interested in all the artist in it. This time I’m almost getting into PLUSONICA. I really hope they release their original songs more. 



  • 発売日: 2019/12/26
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