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「ミッドナイトスワン」のヒロインがゲストに!:アベマTV「7.2 新しい別の窓」 The Heroine of the Movie Called ‘Midnight Swan’ Appeared in the Program as a Guest: ‘7.2 Atarashii Betsu no Mado’ by ABEMA TV



 It was just a happy coincidence. I went to the movie called ‘Midnight Swan’ in the morning last Sunday. I could watch her on tv in the afternoon on the same day after I returned home being obsessed by the amazing performance by the new actor called Hattori Misaki who played the heroine named Misaki.

 10月4日(日)に配信されたインターネットTV番組「7.2 新しい別の窓」の冒頭、まず登場したのは、山本千尋さんでした。香取慎吾さん主演のシットコム「誰かが、見ている」に出演されている女優さんです。役柄とはずいぶん違う、清楚な雰囲気で登場した山本さんが手にしていたのは、なんと刀でした。中国武術の刀剣演舞で世界チャンピオンになったという山本さんは、その演舞を披露してくれました。清楚なたたずまいからは想像もつかない、目にもとまらぬ速さと力強い動きに目を見張りました。部屋に移動してからは、撮影についてのエピソードが語られました。香取慎吾さんから受けたアドバイス佐藤二朗さんがすっかりセリフを忘れていたことなど、愉快なお話が飛び出しました。


 At the beginning of the internet TV program called ‘7.2 Atarashii Chizu no Mado’ distributed on Sunday, Oct. 4. It was Yamamoto Chihiro who showed up first as a guest. She is an actor who appeared in the sitcom called ‘Dareka ga Miteiru’ starring Katori Shingo. She looked elegant but the impression was quite different from the that of the character she played in the sitcom and what she held in her hand was, to my surprise, a sword. She was a world championship winner in a Chinese martial arts sward competition, and she showed her performance before the TV cameras. I was amazed by her sword performance because it was so quick like lightning and strong that I can’t believe that she is the same lady who looked so gracious.  After they moved into a room, they talked about some hilarious episodes in the shooting of the sitcom, for example, the advice given by Katori Shingo, Satoh Jiro, a cofactor, forgetting his lines and so on.



 Then the three of Atarashii Chizu, Katori, Kusanagi, and Inagaki, moved to another room and Hattori Misaki was there. She smiled in a way you wouldn’t see in the movie. She said that she has gotten taller by 8cm since she took the audition. They talked about her mother always coming to the filming location, the easiness she felt because of Kusanagi always dealing with her as Nagisa, the character he played in the movie, and the director Uchida talking her severely through the shooting and so on. I was impressed by her awkwardness like a 14 years old girl and the way of her talking slowly. She has been learning ballet since she was 4 years old, and she danced a ballet there in front of them. She is an promising actor, I suppose.


 You can watch this program for free until midnight tonight. I want you to watch it if you haven’t yet.