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観れば観るほど面白い!香取慎吾さん主演のシットコム「誰かが、見ている」 You’ll Be into It after Watching a Couple of Episodes: ‘Dareka ga Miteiru’, the Sitcom Starring Katori Shingo


 第一話を観終えた時点では戸惑っていました。主人公、舎人真一のキャラがまだよくつかめなかった上に、一話完結なのか、回を追うにつれて物語が展開していくのか全く見えなかったからです。でも、観れば観るほど面白くなります。後半はずっとくすくす笑っていました。三谷幸喜さん脚本・演出、香取慎吾さん主演のコメディ「誰かが、見ている」をAmazon Prime Videoで視聴しました。

 I was not sure whether it’s worth watching or not. I couldn’t understand the character of Toneri Shin-ichi enough, plus I didn’t know whether each episode stands alone or not. However, I was into it after watching a couple of episodes. I couldn’t stop giggling in the second half. I watched a comedy called ‘Dareka ga Miteiru’ written and directed by Mitani Koki and starring Katori Shing on Amazon Prime Video.

『誰かが、見ている』をもっと見たくなる!配信直前スペシャル 前編


 The following is a summary cited from Amazon Prime Video.


 “Toneri Shin-ichi”, a young guy who lives in a condo in Saitama prefecture, always get into trouble. Every time he finds a job, he ends up being fired. In the meantime, Kasuya Jiro (Sato Jiro), who lives in the room next to Shin-ichi’s, is somehow intrigued by the behavior of Shin-ichi. Surprisingly, Jiro has a secret pleasure and it is peeping into Toneri’s room to see what Shin-ichi is doing through a ‘hole on the wall’ that he found by chance. One day, his daughter Akane (Yamamot Chihiro) notices the hole there and the situation suddenly changes. Jiro’s that secret pleasure leads to a big fuss all over the world…….”     



 I have an impression that many of the people who put a low value on it only watched the first episode. The more episodes you watch, the more you are into it for sure. You’ll become fond of the Shin-ichi’s character, too. I couldn’t stop and end up watching all the eight episodes at a stretch.

 To be continued.