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スマスマ仕込みの成り切る力?:香取慎吾さん主演のシットコム「誰かが、見ている」  Did he developed a talent for becoming a character in SMAP×SMAP?: ‘Dareka ga Miteiru’, the Sitcom Starring Katori Shingo


 I remember that I also took time to get into the drama called ‘Shinsengumi’, one of the NHK’s annual series of historical dramas. I read a lot of historical novel and I tended to be judgmental at those kind of dramas at that time. I tried to criticize it at first but I began to be interested in the drama about the episode of Yamanami Keisuke played by Sakai Masato and finally end up becoming fond of not only Kondo Isami played by Katori Shingo but also all the other characters.


 Whether you are into it depends on whether you are the type of person who enjoys situation comedy. So many sitcoms have been broadcast in Japan, too, from the old one called ‘Bewitched’ to the recent ones like ‘i carly’, ‘The Thundermans’ and so on. Even though sitcom is a TV program, I have a feeling that it has a lot of elements of play and that is the reason why I can’t enjoy sitcom because I’m not overly interested in play.




 The very reason even someone like me enjoyed this Japanese sitcom so much is Katori’s acting ability who becomes the character perfectly. I had loved his skill at mimicry that he had shown in the TV program called SMAP×SMAP. His impersonations of the guests in a section called Bistro Smap and some special characters like Katsuken, Kanizo and so on, were so hilarious that I used to burst out laughing in spite of myself. Toneri Shin-ichi, the main character in ‘Dareka ga Miteiru’ is the original character, of course, but I believe he shows his talent for becoming a roll that he developed in SMAP×SMAP.

 I want people who don’t like sitcom to give this one a try.