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ライブ配信のよさ①:「私立恵比寿中学オンライン学芸会~all of our playlist~」の感想(ネタバレなし) The Merits of Live Streaming: My Impression of The Online concert by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku~all of our playlist~ (No Spoiler)


 Sure enough, we live in a great era. We can enjoy online concerts at home, without going to a real live concert. The online concert by Ebichu, which was held at 7:00 p.m. on August 16, was more satisfying than I had expected it would be. It goes without saying that a real live concert must be far better than that. Then what are the merits of online concerts?  I'd like to write about what I felt through the online concert avoiding  to mention the set list or some features so as not to spoil someone's fun because there could be readers who haven't watched it yet and are going to watch the streaming video of the concert later.  


 When it comes to the usual concert, the bigger the venue is, the farther the distance between the artist and the audience becomes. And some audience in the seats from where they can't see even the expressions on the artist's face. In that case, the the big screen which is usually put up somewhere in the concert hall can be a great help for the audience to watch the details. If we limit the discussion to this point, there is no big difference between watching at home and watching at the venue. This time I could see the details such as each members' expression, each movement, the eye contacts between them, formations they took and so on, from various angles through a lot of cameras set in many places. There were some points that are more enjoyable about the online concert compared to the usual screen in the concert hall and the points are like the ways to split the screen and some ideas in the direction. I watched the online concert on TV by connecting my laptop computer to it with HDMI cable. I could enjoy leisurely with the bigger screen of TV than that of laptop computer.



 Next thing, I found it so easy to watch the concert staying at home. I chilled out drinking alcohol. I sometimes tweeted hoping the concert become a trending topic on Twitter, and sometimes read some tweets by others to share the impressions we had. By doing so, I could unexpectedly realize the bond with other fans of Ebichu so I felt happy. 

 To be continued.