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大好きだったCMソング: 松任谷由実「まぶしい草野球」 My Favorite CM Song: ‘Mabushii Kusayakyu’ by Matsutoya Yumi


 This song is so refreshing and, in my opinion, just right for this season. 

まぶしい草野球 松任谷由実 



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  風の外野席 手のひらかざして

 青い背番号 たしかめてみる

    The outfield bleachers where a refreshing breeze is blowing

    I get a good look at the blue number to make sure the player is him   


 クローバーの上 ころがしたまま

    The lunch box I packed for the outfielder who makes a lot of misplays

    and it is left on the clover

 まだ季節浅く 逆もどりの天気もあるわ



    It is early spring and there are returns of bitter cold weather

   The weather is unstable like my feeling

  that you’ve finally noticed




 そんなに夢中にさせるもの のぞいてみたい

   Even on a holiday when you can oversleep 

   Why do you go out so hurriedly

    I want to know what It is like because you are so absorbed in it    


 ちょっと高いフライ 雲に溶けてボールが消えた

 今日はじめて見た あなたがまぶしい草野球

    A high arching fly and the ball disappeared into the cloud

    I saw it for the first time, a game of sandlot baseball in which your face was bright with happiness 

不二家 ソフトエクレア CM集


  This song was used as a CM song for Fujiya’s Soft Éclair in 1980. I saw it at this time of that year. ‘Hadashi no Kisetsu’ by Matsuda Seiko was also a CM song at about the same time. I have a feeling the time of that year was something special.


 This song is contained in Matsutoya Yumi’s 10th album called ‘SURF & SNOW’. This album has 10 tracks, and some of them are songs about summer including this song, and the others are songs about winter including ‘Koibito ga Santa Claus’. Now that I’ve listened to it for the first time in many years, I feel a wistful pang of nostalgia. 



  • アーティスト:松任谷由実
  • 発売日: 1999/02/24
  • メディア: CD