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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑦:グッとくる曲「U.B.U」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑦: A song that somehow comes home to me, ‘U.B.U ’


 These Chinese character, ‘初’or ‘初心’, are supposed to read ‘ubu’ in Japan, which means ‘innocent’ in English. The horn section in the background somehow liven up listeners’ spirits emotionally. This song is so good that it makes listeners blush because it reminds someone even like me, who has no good memories about the first love, of the sensational feeling of falling in love.

私立恵比寿中学 『U.B.U.』

 【全員】U.B.U U.B.U ……

 【全員】U.B.U. for you


 【星名】放課後 帰り道

 【Hoshina】after school, on my way home


 【Hirota】You and me were always chatting while walking

 【小林】くだらない ことだって

 【Hirota】We bubbled with laughter

 【真山】大笑い してたよね

 【Mayama】over trivial things


 【星名】夏の風 通り道

 【Hoshina】Summer breeze, on the path it blew down


 【Matsuno】I walked side by side with you

 【中山】こころの 背比べ

 【Nakayama】competed in mind about which of us was mature more


 【Kashiwagi】I noticed you tried showing yourself more mature than you were


 【安本】大人のエスカレーター 昇り始めているけど

 【Yasumoto】I’m now on an ascending escalator toward a grown-up


 【Hoshina】I don’t want what I felt on that day to be a memory yet.


 【全員】私 うぶなままでいいですか


     胸の高鳴り感じたら きっと伝えに行くから

     U.B.U for you

 【All】Is it alright that I stay innocent as I am

        Don’t I need to know everything?

        When I feel my heart beat wildly, then I’ll see you to tell my feeling

        U.B.U for you


 四つ打ちで刻む、サビのこの勢いはどうしたことでしょう。気持ち良くてたまりません。作詞・作曲は池田貴史さん、レキシという名で知っている人が多いと思います。様々なタイプの曲を書かれる池田さんですが、こんなキャッチーな曲を書かせると無敵の様に思います。この曲は聴いた瞬間に池田さんではと思いました。椎名林檎さんとのコラボ曲、「きらきら武士」を思わせる響きがあるからです。4th アルバム収録の「なないろ」、エビ中にとって特別な意味を持つあの曲も、池田さんによるものです。

レキシ / きらきら武士 feat. Deyonna

 How strong the momentum of the chorus with four-on-the-floor rhythm is. This song was written by Takahumi Ikeda, also known as Rekishi. He writes various kind of music and he is second to none when it comes to catchy songs like this. The first listen rings a bell because some phrases of this song reminded me of“Kira Kira Bushi”, a collaboration song between Takahumi Ikeda and Ringo Sheena. He offered some other songs to Ebichu including “Nanairo”, which is contained in their 4th album and something special for them in a way.


 I have a feeling that big names are getting together around Ebichu. That impression is getting deeper every time they produce their new album. I’m sure Ebichu must have something that attracts such big names. 



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