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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑥:ボーナス確定な曲「ちちんぷい」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑥: A song that makes me feel happy as if I won a bonus on a slot machine, ‘Chi chin pui’


 What a fabulous introduction that stirs up my gambling spirits. The fidgety movement of the keyboard somehow makes me feel exhilarated as if I won a bonus on Juggler, a slot machine which is so popular with gambling lovers.

☆ちちんぷい (Chi Chin Pui) 私立恵比寿中学

 【真山】ごーとぅ ざ迷路!開けてみよっ!!

 【Mayama】Go to the maze.! Let’s open the gate!


 【Yasumoto】Make a hole through the wall at the dead end


 【Hirota】Oh! I found a secret room.


 (【Hoshina】Click the door open


 【松野】おーぷん ざ 心!開けてみよっ!!

 【Matsuno】Open the heart! Let’s open it!


 【Kashiwagi】What is inside?


 【Kobayashi】Oh! This is something boiling hot!


 (【Nakayama】No way!


 It’s almost bursting!




  I’ll do anything

 【柏木】TRY! 【小林】TRY! 【中山】TRY! 【真山】TRY! 【安本】TRYっ!!

 【Kashiwagi】TRY!【Kobayashi】TRY!【Nakayama】TRY!【Mayama】TRY! 【Yasumoto】TRY!!



 【Hirota】Chichinpuipui Poi! (Popoi!)


 【Hoshina】little or no power (Poi poi poi!)


 【Matsuno】Pain! Fear! Go away, bye-bye-bye (Hi-hi-hi! )



 【Kashiwagi】I don’t need to ask my seniors for an answer.



There’s an answer only brats come up with


 Although I don’t understand the meaning of these lyrics, even so I can somehow tell the charm of Ebichu. It is not that they are particularly beautiful, nor genius, nor good at dancing or singing, and they are rather ordinary girls (quite pretty, in my opinion), but I can tell how they do their best without caring about appearances. This is, in my opinion, the very concept of this idol group. You can see this concept in every song of this album, and it’s the same in the following albums.


 Ebichu’s songs somehow give me a lift. I guess it has something to do with what I mentioned above. I don’t know the exact reason why it is so, of course, but I suppose Ebichu’s songs has the same effect as the word ‘Chi-chin-pui’, which has a power to cheer children up even though it is meaningless. Even if it’s a cheap trick, I’m readily bound by such a lovely magic spell.   



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