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Funny but good songs : 可笑しいけどなんかいい曲 レキシ「年貢 for you」


 池田貴史(たかふみ)さんによるソロユニット,レキシが好きな方は多いと思います。歴史を題材にした歌詞は可笑しみにあふれていながら,楽曲としてのクオリティが高くて聴かせる力をもったアーチストです。中でも自分が笑顔になる曲は2014年発売の4thアルバム「レシキ」に収められている「年貢 for you」です。キャッチーなメロディーに加え,歯切れのいいラップに乗せて年貢を納める農民の気持ちを朗らかに語るところがとても気持ちよく,何度でも聴きたくなる曲です。この曲には旗本ひろし名義で秦 基博さん,また,足軽先生名義でいとうせいこうさんが参加しています。

 I believe there are many people who like the music solo unit called Rekishi. The lyrics that make history the subject matter are quite funny but the quality of the song is really high so the unit has a power to attract people‘s attentions. Among others, one song that makes me smile is “Neng for you” which is contained in the 4th album titled “Reshiki” produced in 2014. In addition to the catchy melody, the crisp way of rapping part that talks about the feeling of a farmer who is paying annual tribute makes listeners feel good or feel like listening to it many times. Hata Motohiro under the name of Hatamoto hiroshi and Itou Seikou under the name of Ashigaru Sensei joined this song.


 他にも多くの大物アーチストがレキシの楽曲に参加しています。同じアルバムの1曲目には「キャッチミー岡っ引きさん」という,もうタイトルだけで連れて行かれる,やはり可笑しみにあふれた曲があります。この曲のボーカルは女性ですが,もち政宗名義で参加しているこの人は,Every Little Thing持田香織さんです。


   Other big names also joined the tunes of Rekishi. There is a song, in the same album, titled “Catch me okappikisan” which makes me thrilled only with the title and this song is very humorous. The vocalist of this song is Mochida Kaori who belongs to Every Little Thing under the name of Mochi Masamune.

   Shiina Ringo also joined this unit in a song called “Kira Kira Bushi” contained in the 2nd album titled “Rekitsu”, and this song is contained in her album “Ukina”, too.Their songs are funny but really good, aren't they?