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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力④:エビ中のテーマソング!?「キングオブ学芸会のテーマ~Nu Skool Teenage Riot~」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku④: This happens to be an Ebichu’s theme song!?,‘King of Gakugeikai no Theme ~Nu Skool Teenage Riot~’

 1曲目、「金八 DANCE MUSIC」からの怒涛の勢いはこの4曲目で極まります。自分たちのライブを学芸会と呼んできたエビ中にとって、この曲は彼女たち自身のテーマソングではないかと思ってしまいます。

 The great momentum, which was developed through the first track ‘Kinpachi DANCE MUSIC’, reached its height in this 4th track ‘King of Gakugeikai no Theme ~Nu Skool Teenage Riot~’. Ebichu has continued calling their concert Gakugeikai (Performance Day), and this song seems like the theme song for themselves.



 【All】Attention! Bow! Sit down!


 【Mayama】If you won the ticket, just enjoy yourself fully

 【安本】暴れんぼう達 改め登場

 【Yasumoto】Rowdy mobs show up again

 【廣田】流浪のアイドル 道のり順調

 【Hirota】Roving idols having smooth sailing

 【星名】女は愛嬌 度胸も重要

 【Hoshina】Women should have charm, and also courage


 【松野】悩みがないのが 悩みかもねむ

 【Matsuno】No problem could be my problem

 【柏木】眠気は食い気の あとにくるっけ

 【Kashiwagi】Sleepiness comes after hungriness, right?


 【Kobayashi】A whole-school meeting held on the day I transferred

 【中山】それみろ 時間だ 正しい暴動です!

 【Nakayama】Behold, It’s high time, righteous riot



     King of gakugeeeekai 大体中学生


                King of gakugeeeekai with some people, most of them are junior high students  


   King of gakugeeeeekai eは4つまで

 【Hirota】You can ask elementary students, “Minus what grade are you in?”

   King of gakugeeeeekai with four ‘e’s.




 【Hoshina】However old you are, I can ask you, “What grade are you in junior high?”

              Never ending in Moving up to the next grade


  【Hoshina】Defy adults!!!!!





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  It has been proved that things about school are quite familiar to the lyrics of idol songs since the song “Gakuen Tengoku” by Finger 5 was released. The beginning of the lyrics of this song “King of Gakugeikai no Theme ~Nu Skool Teenage Riot~”somehow reminds me of the first few words of Smap’s second single called ‘Seigi no Mikata wa Ateni Naranai’, and the words are “Stand up! Bow! Land on the ground!”. Those words make me smile, and I come to feel like uttering them without thinking.  


 By the way, I was impressed by the bold, humorous idea that they can regard all the people as junior high students. When I think of what grade I am in junior high, I almost feel dizzy. Even so, I feel like going to their performance day when I listen to this song. My membership card was sent to me from Black Tiger, the name of Ebichu’s fan club, the other day. I’m now highly conscious of being a ultraupper grade student in junior high school.  However, the school badge is so big that I'm hesitating to put it on.