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心を動かされる曲:私立恵比寿中学「なないろ」 The song that moves my heart: “Nanairo” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 I just thought this song was pretty good. “Nanairo” the seventh track of “Ebicracy”, Ebichu’s 4th album, is one of my favorites among the good tunes in this album.

私立恵比寿中学 『なないろ』Music Video


 I saw a lot of tweet by fans of Ebichu last night and I knew the meaning hidden in this song. July 16 is the birthday of Matsuno Rina, whose student number is 9. 


 I remember that I felt sorry for the members and fans imagining how sad they were, even though I wasn’t interested in Ebichu at all at that time when I knew what happened to Matsuno through TV news or something in 2017. Last night, I cried a lot as I read each tweet of their fans. Words to celebrate her birthday, words to tell how they still like her, and words to express how she was so attractive, and I could tell their sincerity from each of them. I also got emotional when I noticed that many of them are written in the present tense.


はじまりはキラキラ この恋はセブンカラー

止まらない気持ち キミが教えてくれた

始まりはキラキラ 見上げたら青い空 キミと

また手をつないだら 止まらない恋はなないろ

something sparkling at the beginning    this love has seven colors

  the feeling I can’t keep under control   because of what you told me

  something sparkling at the beginning   looking up the sky to find it blue  

holding hands with you again   the unstoppable love has seven colors



 Each member of Ebichu has a symbolic color and Matsuno’s was blue. Ikeda Takahumi, who wrote this song, had a TV program with her. I somehow can tell that he wrote this song with all his heart.


 I come to love this song even more. Plus, I also love Ebichu all the more because they always cheer me up despite the deep sorrow they experienced.