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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力⑧:切ないラブソング「フユコイ」 The charm of the album “Kinpachi” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku⑦: A love song full of wistful pang, ‘Fuyukoi’


 This is a love song which is about the tormented heart of a girl who is unable to disclose her feelings to a boy. ‘U.B.U’, the song I mentioned last time, is a song about a first love, but I have an impression that Ebichu has  rather few love songs.  

フユコイ エビ中  

【廣田】なんて切ないんだろう 時間が出した答えが 胸を締め付ける

 【Hirota】How painful it is, the answer I finally got after a long time wrings my heart

【小林】おはようの声と 頭にポンと置かれた手は大人の香りがしてる気がした

 【Hoshina】the voice saying “Good morning”, and the hand put on my head seemed like one of grown-up  


【柏木】教室の窓 いつも見てたあなたは

 【Kashiwagi】from the windows of the class room I looked down on you  


 【Matsuno】I’m sure you don’t notice it even now


【真山】さようなら 春が近づいてあなたに会えなくなるんだね

 【Mayama】Goodbye, the spring is coming and I’ll miss you

【安本】伝えたい この気持ちだけがずっと言えないままでした。

 【Yasumoto】I’ve never been able to tell you this feeling that I've wanted to.


 【Nakayama】Actually, I feel really lonely

【星名】ほらねすぐに 涙が溢れた

 【Hoshina】look, tears rolled down my cheeks so soon



 The introduction already makes me feel the wistful pang. This song was written by Keita Tanaka. He also offered a song to Yumemiru Adolescence, a girls idol band, and arranged some songs for BiSH, a girls punkish idol band, too. 




  • 松田 聖子
  • J-Pop
  • ¥255
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 I remember another song of a heartbreak at graduation, and it is ‘Seifuku’ sung by Seiko Matsuda. It was a high school boy in the same class who a girl has a crush on. How about this song? According to the lyrics, I guess the boy is someone in other class or a senior. They are still junior high students, of course. I have an impression that this kind of love song is rather rare in recent albums as I mentioned at the beginning, but I somehow feel something like Ebichu toward this song. It is surely painful, but it somehow gives me a lift, so I feel relieved. 



  • provided courtesy of iTunes