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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑫:慎吾さんがやってみたかった曲「Neo (feat.yahyel」 The charms of the album ‘20200101’ by Shingo Katori⑫: The song Shingo wanted to give a try, ‘Neo (feat. yahel)’


 At first, I was going to write my impressions of several songs that particularly I liked, but I eventually came to like all the tracks in this album. Even now I somehow can’t get enough of this album ‘20200101’. I’ve listened to it for quite a long time, though.

 「Neo (feat.yahyel )」のyahyel(ヤイエル)は、独自のスタイルで活動している日本のバンドのようです。「週刊文春WOMAN」のインタビューでは、香取慎吾さんが今一番やりたい音楽としてMetropolisとともにNeoを挙げていました。

yahyel - Pale (MV)

 Yahyel featured in this song “Neo” is a Japanese band, who has its own style. The interview by ‘Syukan Bunshun WOMAN’ says that this song and ‘Metropolis’ are exactly what Shingo wanted to sing the most

Neo (feat. yahyel)

Neo (feat. yahyel)

  • provided courtesy of iTunes

 Wanna be somebody

 Cuz that’s what I have been told



 Wanna be with somebody

 Surprise? I wanna give everything for you


  意外だった? 君のためなら何でもあげられるよ。

 I wanna be somebody

 It makes me move



 Yeah I wanna be with somebody oh-

 But I need a love waiting along


  でも 待ってた愛が必要だ

 Do you hear the cracking noise?

 You know it flickers on your mind



 Sometimes I feel like a TV star

 Sometimes I feel like a true man show

 Who is living my life? Oh no

 Who is knocking on my door from inside? Who?



  誰が僕の人生を生きてるの? Oh no

  中からドアをノックするのは誰? 誰かな?



  This song, which has only English lyrics, is the final one I came to like among the tracks, but I’m sure it sounds stylish the most.


 One of my friends, who is from England, said this album made him feel so good just after first listen when I gave him a ride. So I supposed this album sounds good enough for anyone who likes music, even for foreigners.


 I’m looking forward to seeing what Atarashii Chizu, not only Shingo but also others, will do in the future. I believe they will release an album or hold their concert some time soon. Plus, I badly want  them to collaborate with Masahiro Nakai, too. Now I somehow want to listen to SMAP’s albums again. I’m going to write about my favorite songs or albums by them from time to time.