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なんで終わるの? ナカイの窓最終回:Why Should It End? The Final Installment of the TV Talk Show “Nakai no Mado”



 I loved it. I really miss it now. I don’t know why I feel so lonely just because a TV program came to an end. The TV talk show called Nakai no Mado, which had been broadcast late at night every Wednesday, has ended.


 They went to Hawaii for the final. The entertainers who appeared on it were as follows.


 この番組のロケ物は、正直、そんなに好みではありませんでした。最終回では、 山里さんのスカイ・ダイブ、ウォーターパークでのサーフライド挑戦のあと、レンタル豪邸でのバーベキュー&飲み会となり、酔っ払った姿を見て終わるのかと、ややがっかりしていました。ところが、酔ったように見える、中居さんの思わせぶりな話し方にぐいぐい引き込まれました。次のような発言が聞かれました。

 Honestly, I didn’t like some contents that shot on location in this program. In this final installment, there was a skydive by Yamazato, and then they tried surfing in Water Park, and finally they rent a mansion to have a barbecue and drinking party, so I was rather disappointed because I have to see them got drunk at the very end of this program. However, I was strongly drawn to what Nakai said meaningfully while he was drinking. What he said was as follows.


 "You can't  always live your life as you like..."


 “I really hope I can see them again….”


 “I guess they are watching this program now….”


 The song which was played at the end of the program was “Orange” by SMAP.



 I felt that the leader of the biggest idol group in the Heisei era, who didn’t end their own activities properly, seemed to try talking what he wanted to as much as possible then. I was impressed by this TV program which allowed him talking like that. Now I remember that I sometimes got interested in what I hadn’t cared about, and sometimes got exhilarated by the feeling that I knew the new sense of values which I hadn’t even imagined at all. This TV program was something great for me till the end.



 I wonder that something which has been banned was lifted. I was surprised when I saw the TV listings on the news paper the next day. I found SMAP in three programs. I watched Music Station and I was pleased when I saw the footage of them singing but there was one thing I felt really sorry after that. At the part of the ranking of audience numbers, Ryou San played by Katori Shingo, who was a member of the group, was perfectly ignored.

 An audience like me doesn’t know what is going on actually behind the show business. However, I think it is dreadful that the media doesn’t tell us things as they are so we shouldn’t allow them to do so. There must be subtle situation, I guess, but I felt really sorry this time.