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香取慎吾さん「20200101」の魅力⑪:日本語ラップを楽しめる曲「嫌気がさすほど愛してる(feat. KREVA )」 The charms of the album ‘20200101’ by Shingo Katori⑪: A song that shows you can enjoy Japanese rap, ‘Iyake Ga Sasuhodo Aishiteru (feat. KREVA)’


 It took me a while to get into it. This song starts with the chorus abruptly, and has Japanese rap which somehow  impacts on me , and both the melody and the lyrics are impressive for me, too. 


  I love you so much that I hate you





  I’m losing the seesaw game to get your love

  The odds are overwhelmingly against me

  Is this something to laugh at for somebody?




 声を上げ続ける たとえ遠吠えでも


  But I don’t care the ideal balance

  The instinct of preying aroused to the extent of consuming myself

  I’ll keep on raising my voice, even if it’s only the grumbling of a loser

  Just see what I am made of



 消えた皆 ゴメン




  I have a feeling that all I see in my memories is you

  I’m sorry for all the others I’ve forgotten

  Even so

  Let me leave this as it is

  I really mean it




  I love you so much that I hate you

  I hold you so tight that we’ll become one


香取慎吾×KREVA 【ニワワイコメンタリー】嫌気がさすほど愛してる(feat.KREVA)


 The commentary video to this song was also uploaded to YouTube. KREVA doesn’t appear in it, but Shingo Katori gives commentary on this song and also talks the inside story while playing it.   


 The first thing Shingo mentions in this video is that he offered the idea of writing the lyrics about KREVA and Shingo competing with each other for the love of a girl. He also talks about the advise that KREVA gave him on the style of rapping. After that he gives commentary on this song while playing and sometimes stopping it, and his impression to this song as in, “this song sounds ‘uncomfortable’, in a good sense”, is somehow convincing to me.


 It is quite natural that listeners want to know how their favorite album was produced as much as they can. We are really lucky because we can enjoy these sort of commentary videos, which is made In response to our feeling. Plus, on the contrary, there could be someone who watch this video first and then feel interested in the album. The strategy making use of YouTube or SNS, Atarashii Chizu is taking now, looks like something ahead of the times.