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エビ中「playlist」の魅力④エビ中の新境地:「I’ll be here」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu ④: “I’ll be here”, A Song That Is New Ground They broke


 “Is this Ebichu? Really?”, you must think. This song is not like an idol song at all but is rather a sort of R&B using a lot of programmed sounds. You may be bewildered at first, but I’m sure you will finally realize the infinite possibility of Ebichu after the 2nd or 3rd listen.   

I'll be here

I'll be here

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    深い 深い 夜を超えてく間に




    笑う 笑う 笑う

(Kashiwagi) I don’t know what to do but this is the real world

              Keep on dreaming as always have done

              While go through the deep dark of night

              The shaking spice makes me feel dizzy

              Ring the bell and I know the farthest place is a solitary island

              It’s something reckless

              So I’ll laugh laugh laugh

(柏木)いつだって (ALL)free

(Kashiwagi) I’m always  (ALL) free

(柏木)身勝手になって 君を困らせても

(Kashiwagi) I’ll do things my own way ending up causing trouble for you


(ALL) Please

(柏木)弱ってるなんて 見せないよ

(Kashiwagi) But I won’t show how much I’m distressed


(ALL) freak


    I’ll be here

    I’ll be here It’s better

(Kashiwagi) Even if I just keep on seeking the wrong ideal

        I’ll be here

     I’ll be here It’s better



 Until this part, Hinata Kashiwagi sings solo, and then other members sing solo in turn, but I wonder if it is my own impression that it is rather difficult to identify which member sings which solo part, compared to other tracks. I just like the group itself and I’m not a fan of a particular member, so I’m sure my level of awareness concerning making out which member is singing now is rather low.  

iri - 「Corner」 Music Video(short ver.)


 This song was written by iri, a female singer-songwriter. Her voice is quite characteristic and has a really cool voice that makes me feel she is an R&B singer by nature. There’s no member who has the similar voice to hers. Even so, I feel as if iri is singing this song whenever I listen to it. However, this song is naturally integrated into this album so well. I’m sure the reason why is because Ebichu not only took in this song skillfully but also expressed it in their own way.  

井上陽水トリビュート 2019.11.27発売(全15曲ダイジェスト) 


 iri joined another album called “Yosui Inoue Tribute”, too. She is ranked in the top 20 of the promising musicians of this year in the new year TV program called BUZZRHYTHM. With those various up-and-coming musicians, this album still has pleasing unity, so I have a feeling that this album successfully shows the outline of the current music scene these days.



【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤A)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤A)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)