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エビ中「playlist」の魅力③クセになる曲:「愛のレンタル」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu: “Ai no Rental”, A Song That Is Quite Addictive


 I sway to this song in spite of myself. Starting with the lilting drums, this song goes with the “wacka-wacka” funk-styled rhythm of the guitar effected by wah pedal, and I can’t help swaying myself. 



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(ALL) Although I want to love you,

(真山)消えてなくなってしまうな やめられないよ

(Mayama)  That feeling somehow disappears. I can’t help it.


(ALL) You can’t become emotional


(Kashiwagi) So all you have to do is

(ALL)踊ればいい ずっと僕と

(ALL) just dance with me, keep on dancing  


(Mayama) Keep on dancing with me

(星名)Hey! 現代をランスルー こっから先、ねえどうする?

(Hoshina) Hey! Let’s run through modern times. What do we do after this?


(Mayama) Lending and borrowing love may continue


(Kashiwagi) Inferiority, troubles, everything is somebody else’s problem


(Yasumoto) I want to see my mom once in a while

(中山)先生の言うこと 10年経って響いたぞ

(Nakayama) What the teacher said ten years ago finally comes home.


(Kobayashi) I love you & me


 I wonder why this song is so addictive. No matter how many times I listen to this song, I can’t get enough of it. I’m only an amateur so I can’t guess the reason exactly, but I have an impression that the structure of this song is not so simple. The chorus is placed at the beginning followed by rapping. I sway to the verse due to the bouncing rhythm but calm down a little with the syncopation at the bridge, then I’m carried away at the chorus with the four-on-the-floor rhythm pattern. At the middle of the tune, there is a part that sounds fashionably jazzy arranging the melody of the chorus, so it amuses me even more. This song was written by Hattori, a member of the band called Macaroni Empitsu.  


 このアルバムでは多くのトラックで、楽曲提供者が演奏に参加しています。「SHAKE! SHAKE!」ではポルカドットスティングレイのメンバーが、そしてこの「愛のレンタル」ではマカロニえんぴつのメンバーが実際に演奏しているのです。いろいろなバンドのサウンドまで楽しめるこの「playlist」は本当に画期的で、お得な一枚です。

 Some musicians, who offered songs to this album, also joined as players.The members of Polkadot Stingray joined in “SHAKE! SHAKE!”, and also the members of Macaroni Empitsu joined in “Ai no Rental”, as players, actually. This album “playlist”, which entertains you with the sounds played by various bands, is something epoch-making, and a good bargain.    

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤A)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)

【Amazon.co.jp限定】playlist(初回生産限定盤A)(Blu-ray Disc付)(デカジャケット付)