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エビ中「playlist」の魅力⑤カッコカワイイ曲:「PANDORA」 The Charm of the Album “playlist” by Ebichu⑤: “PANDORA”, A Song Not Only Cool But Also Cute


 This song is a sort of hard rock that makes you smile and shake your body up and down. It’s so cool but also cute like an typical idol song.

PANDORA 「ようこそ秋冬ホールツアー2019~世界のみなさんおめでとうアイドルって楽しい~ 」Ver.

(ALL)理性が消える予言 いけないことをしましょう

(ALL) The prediction for losing our sense of reason

  Let’s do something bad

(星名)パラドックス パラドックス

    パラドックス パラドックス


(Hoshina)Paradox paradox

          Paradox paradox

          Pa! Pandra




(ALL) I was god

      But I quit because I was tired of being it.

      The days I can’t get pudding at 3 o’clock continues


(Hoshina) Negrlect my duties


    予言者 罪 積み重なった

    自分は自分のため 伏線回収

(ALL) Scribbled in the margin of my notbook

      Prophets, sins are accumulated

      Just for my own sake, I will make my story consistent



(星名)パラドックス パラドックス

    パラドックス パラドックス


(Hoshina) Paradox paradox

          Paradox paradox

          Pa! Pandra



  Mirei Hoshina’s voice shouting “Paradox!” is so cute and addictive. That part comes to my mind even during at work so I smile in spite of myself. I like the lyrics, too. The words at the beginning is so meaningful that I somehow feel restless. This sort of hard rock may go well with idols, just my personal opinion though. I remember how I was amazed by the song called “Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo” by Momoiro Clover Z. I realized idols are really awesome.  

 この曲の魅力の一つに轟音で鳴らされるギターがあります。演奏は作曲者のPABLOさんです。2013年に活動休止したPay money To my Painというバンドのギタリストとのこと。近年、PABLOさんは、岡崎体育さんやLiSAさん、LADYBABYなど様々なミュージシャンに、ギタリストとしてだけでなく、作曲やアレンジを通じて関わり、活躍されています。

岡崎体育 『感情のピクセル』Music Video

 One of the charms of this song is the guitar sound which is played loudly. The guitarist, who is also the composer of this song, is PABLO. He is a member of a band called Pay money TO my Pain, which has stopped its activity since 2013. PABLO is so active that he has joined plenty of musicians like Taiiku Okazaki, LiSA, LADYBABY and so on, not only as a guitarist but also as a composer, and sometimes an arranger.


 This song “PANDORA” is quite catchy for a hard rock and very easy to listen to compared to BiSH’s hard-core ones, plus the best part of this song is being somewhat humorous like Ebichu’s other songs.  



playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(特典なし)

playlist(初回生産限定盤B)(Blu-ray Disc付)(特典なし)