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エビ中秋冬ツアー福岡公演リポート①:アーティストとしての凄み A Report about Ebichu’s Autumn-Winter Tour in Fukuoka①: Their Greatness as Artists


 It’s my first time to go to an Idol’s concert. I was not much interested in idols before, but I somehow came to like Ebichu’s 5th album “MUSiC” and I’ve been listening to almost only their songs for these sixth months tracing back their old albums. I was perfectly ready as I would ever be on the day the concert was held, and their performance was really much better than I thought it would be.



 This tour was called “Welcome to Autumn-Winter Hall tour 2019, ~Congratulations to People All over the World, Being Idol Is Really Fun ~”, and they are going to visit 16 cities in Japan. The place where the 10th concert of the tour was held on that day in Fukuoka was a hall called Fukuoka Shiminn Kaikan, which is quite close to the shopping area called Tenjin.


 At the beginning of the concert, I was a bit perturbed. Although I was sure that I had listened to their songs enough to enjoy the concert, the first few songs were the ones I didn’t know except for  “Haitateki”. At the middle of the concert, there were songs from the album “MUSiC” and all of them were the songs I mentioned in this blog, so I was pleased.


 What I realized there was they really sang well. They attracted the audience enough even with the song called “Hoshi no Kazoekata”, which requires some skills in singing. They sang this song without dancing, so they needed to fascinate the audience with only their singing skill. I also found them quite good at dancing in other songs. It must be really tough to keep on singing while dancing so lively, even though doing like that is exactly what idols have to. They hardly talked in the concert and they sang one song after another without taking a rest, so I had a feeling that I saw their greatness as artists rather than idols.


 To be continued.