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ロマンチックな曲:私立恵比寿中学「星の数え方」 Songs that make me feel romantic: “Hoshi no Kazoekata” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 Ebishu’s 5th album “MUSiC” is full of good tunes. Many of them are a kind of songs that make you laugh or cheer you up, but some of them are a kind of songs that you attentively listen to. The 9th track called “Hoshin no Kazoekata” is somewhat romantic and somehow come home.    




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 いつまで黙っているの? 何にもなくしてないよ

 もう恋じゃないから 言葉がいらないだけ

 Until when will you remain silent?  I know you’ve never lost anything.

 It is already something more than love so words are not necessary. 

 いつまでも待っているわ この空の星をぜんぶ

 数えてしまうくらい だいじな気持ちだから

 I’ll be waiting for you even for such a long time that I can count all the stars in the sky. Because what I’m feeling now is so precious.  


 Wow yeah yeah la la la la la

 Wow wow wow two are in love


 嘘がつけなくなって 時に傷つけあって

 真夜中過ぎに 後悔ばかり Yeah

 We can’t lie any more to each other. Sometimes hurting each other.

 All I do after midnight is regret, yeah.


 夜が明けたらきっと ふたつの影になって

 ポケットの手と手 ほどけてしまうよ

 After daybreak we will be just the two silhouettes.

 We let go of each other’s hand in the pocket.


 なんて呼ぶの? この想い 伝えきれない

 「愛」と呼ぶのは簡単だけど 叶わないかな? 

 What should I call it? I cannot fully convey my feeling to you.

 It is easy to call it “love”. Doesn’t it work?


 There are many parts where they harmonize and those parts sound difficult so I have an impression that this song is a kind of song sung by Little Glee Monster, a chorus group. I think Ebichu is not just an idol group because they are brave enough that they are giving a song like this a try. I actually don’t know how good their skills are in singing. However, I’m sure they are great because they make audience listen to so attentively even when they sing a song like this that requires more than being cheerful.   

 作詞・作曲はinvisible manners(インビジブル・マナーズ)となっています。Wikiで見たところ、メンバーは平山大介さん、福山整さんのお二人で、主にアイドルグループのために歌を作られているそうです。ぜひ、それらの曲も聴いてみたいです。

 This song was written by Invisible Manners. I looked up them in Wiki to find that the members are Daisuke Hirayama and Sei Fukuyama. They’ve already written many songs for mainly idol group. I’d love to listen to them, too.


 There will be an event called “Fami En” at Yamanaka Lake on August 17. This event seems to be held every year so I made up my mind to join it sometime in the future.