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新曲レビュー:椎名林檎さん「公然の秘密」 Single Review: “Kozen no Himitsu” by Ringo Sheena


 The rushing introduction that sounds like something shooting up to heaven makes my heart beat fast. It is an extremely cool Reiwa pop song assuming the old Showa pop style. There is a feeling of excited anticipation, which is the same one that I felt when I heard “Koroshiya Kikiippatsu” for the first time, so I can’t help smiling. 

椎名林檎 - 公然の秘密

 どこからか漂う 美味しそうな匂い

 A delicious smell comes wafting from somewhere


 You can’t escape from it, if you once smell it


 You feel dizzy because of the fascinating flavor


 It is a flavor well-known by the name of secret


 Hidden flowers are all the more beautiful as they say


 I want to find out the origin of you that seduced me


 Look there! It is obvious no matter how you try to hide it.


 The top notes which convey your lies, but soon the lies will be revealed.

 初々しいバニラ そう甘やかでしょ

 Fresh flavor of vanilla, it is so sweet, isn’t it?





 Last week, Ringo Sheena appeared on Music Station, a music program which was moved to the 9 o’clock time slot. She has performed to perfection so far, whenever she sings her new song, and I was impressed by her professional attitudes this time, too.

 I have a feeling that, just a personal impression though, her recent songs are really catchy and easy to listen to compared to her early three albums. On top of that, the craftsmanship in arrangements, dances, stage costumes, and the settings is becoming keener than before. This is a song that I feel something exquisite all the more. 



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