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ドラマ「少年寅次郎」について③:ますます面白くなっといて次は最終回 My Impression of the Drama, “Shonen Torajiro”③: The Next Time Is the Last Episode Despite Getting Interesting Even More



 In every episode of the movie version, Tora always get back to Shibamata, which is his hometown, without fail. Everybody in his family is innocently pleased when they meet Tora with a sense of nostalgia. However, there is always a trouble because of him, and sure enough, someone ends up crying or getting angry, so Tora finally leaves for a trip to somewhere. Actually, he has to leave in order to come back. I feel this routine to be very funny or, at the same time, somewhat heartrending, so I’m always giggling or crying while watching the movies.  


 The TV drama called “Shone Torajiro” is getting interesting even more. At the same time, the story makes me feel that the day when Tora will leave Shibamata for the first time is approaching for sure. In the fourth episode, Mr. Tsubouchi, who is still young in this drama. as an English teacher. In the second movie of the series, Mr. Tsubouchi, played by Eijiro Tono, was a very impressive character. Tsubouchi’s daughter called Huyuko, who Tora has a crush on, also appears in a school uniform. I’m sure that this drama could be enjoyable even for someone who doesn’t have any preliminary knowledge like that. I’ve come to feel like watching Tora’s boyhood even more.    



 I couldn’t help watching again the first movie of the series. I was already exhilarated just at the moment when Tora showed up. I was impressed by Sakura again, who is Tora’s sister played by Chieko Baisho, because she was so cute. My heart beat faster at the captivating beauty of Sachiko Mitsumoto who played Fuyuko, the belle of this movie and the daughter of the chief priest.


 That’s too bad that the next episode is the last one. Now I can’t wait to watch the fifth movie of the series which is going to be released on Dec. 27.

映画『男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん』予告映像