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もう一つの寅さん:生田斗真さん主演「俺の話は長い」 Another Tora: The TV drama called “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai” starring Toma Ikuta




 It’s extremely amusing. I’m already perfectly into it. I’m wondering why I’m so interested in this drama in which there aren’t any serious events nor meaningful secrets. I’ve given this matter a bit thought, and noticed that the interest and the feeling of excited anticipation I feel in it are almost the same as what I feel through watching the movie series of Tora.  


 Mitsuru Kishibe (Toma Ikuta) is what they call a NEET. He developed his hobby and opened a coffee shop before, but he could keep it just for a few months and he ended up returning to his mother’s house. Now he doesn’t look for a job and just tries to get a bit money out of his mother named Fusae, who is running a café. His sister Ayako Akiba (Eiko Koike) always severely blames him for his negligence. She divorced once and has a daughter named Harumi (Kaya KIyohara) by her former husband, and her present husband Koji (Ken Yasuda) is troubled because Harumi never takes to him. One day, Ayako visits her mother’s place and asked Mitsuru to let her family live there for three months due to remodeling their house.


 Although Ayako just wants to stay there for only a short period, Mitsuru doesn’t give his assent quibbling irritatingly so much, and his manner of speaking is so stubborn that I feel it even funny. Mitsuru thinks he considers his family in his own way and, in that point, he is far better than his sister. That’s why once their arguments start, it won’t stop easily, and it goes on involving the other family members until somebody ends up crying. This situation is exactly the same as the case between Tora and his uncle when Tora comes back to Toraya.  


 Ikuta’s performance is convincing. It even makes me feel his personality is really like that. I felt the same thing about the performance of Kiyoshi Atsumi, who played Tora san. I’m exhilarated now because I found a good drama that makes me laugh and cry by turns.