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Tora a slacker will come back! : フーテンの寅さんが帰ってくる! 「男はつらいよ」新作 制作発表


 My image of Tora had been such as a goofy but humane and kind guy until I watched a movie of that series properly. It was often said that the movies are quite humorous and heartwarming but I thought contemptuously it’s just laughable because of his stupidity and actually it must have been a kind of stereotyped comedy. However, the impression I really felt when I saw it for the first time was not that hackneyed one, it was something so moving that makes me laugh and cry heartily.  
男はつらいよ 第一作 オープニング.MP4


 As far as I know through seeing the series of movies, Tora is somewhat superficial, frivolous, impudent, lazy, discriminating, and selfish guy, plus, he wants to be loved by people but he can’t understand other’s feelings at all and he has a tendency to wander away but also feel lonely soon enough. In the first movie, he came back to Shibamata after many years, and all he did was unforgivable things, for example, spoiling his precious sister Sakura’s marriage meeting by a rush of indecent remarks, hurling insults at his uncle and aunt who cared for Sakura when they blamed Tora for what he had done at the marriage meeting, looking down on printers next door with discriminating remarks, making fun of a serious feeling of love of a printer to Sakura while he himself having one-sided love to a temple’s chief priest’s daughter to end up visiting her every day. However, there is one thing obvious in the movies, it is the fact that Tora a peddler is the weakest person economically and socially of all people in this movie, even though he behaves selfishly and arrogantly, so we can’t simply say he is happy. There is other thing pathetic about Tora, it is the fact that he and people around him exactly know what he is like and you can see them realizing this fact whenever he causes troubles.  


 To my absolute delight, it was announced that the new movie of “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” will be produced. I couldn’t help watching the first movie again because I wanted to realize how the movie was so hilarious. I found Tora outrageous for sure. I really love this world.