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ずっとやってほしいドラマ:生田斗真さん主演「俺の話は長い」 The drama I want it to be continued: “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai” starring Toma Ikuta


 This drama will end tonight all too soon after making me love it so much. The last episode of the drama,“Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai”, which has been broadcast at 10 p.m. every Saturday during this season, will be shown tonight.


 I was into it from the first episode, and there has never been a dull episode at all, and I enjoyed every episode very much. I once assumed in this blog that the main character called Mitsuru Kishibe, who is played by Toma Ikuta, is another Tora in Reiwa, and that impression has never changed. At the end of a movie of the series, Tora leaves his uncle’s house without fail. However, it seems to be his sister, Ayako, and her family, who are going to leave their mother’s place in the last episode.

俺の話は長い 「ニートブラザーズ①」

俺の話は長い 「ニートブラザーズ②」


 The most enjoyable part of this drama, in which nothing special happens, is the conversation among the family members. The tempo of the conversation, which develops along the quarrel between Mitsuru and Ayako is cheerfully fast. There has been plenty of words that someone happened to say remaining in my mind. The words that still remain in my mind are as follows.


 "You weren’t chosen because you were chosen" (This is what Mitsuru said to his niece Kaya when he heard she had a broken heart)


 "It is not that I want to drink a tasty coffee, what I want is the usual one." (This is what a regular costumer of the coffee shop, Polaris, said)


 "Kotatsu is a means to get rid of all wars." (This is what Mitsuru said when he prepared a kotatsu with Koji, his brother in law)


 "NEET BROTHERS" (The name of the band Mitsuru and Koji improvised )


 "I won’t lose my appetite even if I fail the job interview." (The lyrics of a song by NEET BROTHERS)




 These words somehow make me smile because they seem to be full of meaning.

 Tora always came back home twice a year in the movies. I don’t know how they finish this drama, but I want to watch this drama regularly in the future, even if only once a year.