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NHKほんとに頑張ってる:国外向け音楽番組「SONGS OF TOKYO」 NHK Is Absolutely Doing a Good Job: “SONGS OF TOKYO”, A Music Program Aimed for Overseas


 NHK‘s streaming service called “NHK WORLD-JAPAN” is surely enjoyable even for people who aren’t English learners. This service is basically aimed for foreign people, but it has many programs that are available domestically, and they are not only quite interesting but also provide us something new about Japan.


 国内でも視聴できる番組のひとつに、「SONGS OF TOKYO」という番組があります。関ジャニ村上信五さんと、ホラン千秋さんが司会を務めるこの音楽番組は、月に一度程度の不定期な放送のため、番組サイトで放送予定を確認しないといけません。放送回数はまだ一けたに満たないこの番組ですが、これまでの放送内容には、見逃すのはもったいないような回がありました。

  There is a program called “SONGS OF TOKYO” which is available in Japan. This program, which is MC’d by Shingo Murakami, who is a member of Kanjani Eight, and Chiaki Horan is broadcast irregularly so you have to check the schedule on the internet. It has been broadcast only several times so far, but some of them seem so good that I don’t want to miss them.



 The other day, it featured a singer called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She goes on a world concert tour every few years and is really popular overseas beyond our imagination. Her MV of “PON PON PON” released in 2011 was amazingly addictive. She is collaborating with Kabuki recently, and she performed in costumes of Kabuki this time, too. I was carried away soon. She also sang her latest song called “Kimi ga Iine Kuretara” and it was good, too.

 今週末および来週末にかけて、「SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2019」と題した特別番組が放送されます。時間帯と出演者は以下の通りです。

 A series of special program titled “SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2019” will be on air this weekend and the next. The schedule and the singers are as follows.



 This program is mainly aimed for overseas viewers and you can watch it with English subtitles, so it also works as good materials for studying English.