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「男はつらいよ お帰り寅さん」を観て③:登場人物と観客が一つになれる良い映画 My impression of the movie “Otoko wa Tsurai yo Okaeri Tora-san”③: A Good Movie in Which the Character and the Audience Are One


 I’m sure a lot of fans of this movie series have waited this installment to be released, even though they knew their dearest protagonist wouldn’t appear. It must seem strange for others. I went to this movie just wanting to savor the atmosphere without caring about whether it’s enjoyable or not.  


 However, you perhaps realize the fact that, just after the movie starts, everything has totally changed. Mitsuo (Hidetaka Yoshioka) quit his company job to be a novelist. His wife died several years ago, so he lives alone with Yuri, his daughter in the ninth grade, in a condominium. The former dumpling shop called “Kurumaya” in Shibamata is now a café, and Sakura (Chieko Baisho) and Hiroshi (Gin Maeda) lives in the house behind the café. 



 I was just glad when I knew how the familiar characters were doing. However, I gradually realized that people, who had always been there, never appeared, for example, Tora’s uncle and aunt, the guy called Tako (octopus) president of the printing office, and so on. Then I found only Sakura and Hiroshi sitting in the living room, where many people got together before, so I missed them even more. This movie mercilessly confronts us with the fact that many years have passed and there is not the world I loved before.  



 With that premises, the scene where Mitsuo and Izumi (Kumiko Goto) meet each other again, and the things that happen to them after that are quite interesting. Then the audience cherishes the memory of Tora-san with Mitsuo. I wonder there have been a movie in which the characters and the audience can be one like this. They showed us so many nostalgic scenes towards the ending and the credit roll.   


 I have a feeling that I’ve finally come to terms with my uncertain feeling through watching the latest installment of “Otoko wa Tsurai yo”. It was a good movie that encouraged me to face the new era properly. 

映画「男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん」オリジナル・サウンドトラック

映画「男はつらいよ お帰り 寅さん」オリジナル・サウンドトラック

  • アーティスト:山本 直純
  • 出版社/メーカー: SMM itaku (music)
  • 発売日: 2019/12/25
  • メディア: CD