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楽しみなライブ:田島貴男 さん「弾き語りツアー2019」 The Live Concert I’m Looking Forward to: Takao Tajima “Guitar Accompaniment Tour in 2019”


 I’ve got a ticket for Takao Tajima’s live concert, “Guitar Accompaniment Tour in 2019”. It’ll be held in Nagasaki on November 15. 



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 It was through the album called “Belissima!” by Pizzicato Five that I listened to Tajima Takao singing for the first time. I was fascinated by his 

relaxed, smooth voice in the first track “Wakusei” in an instant. I was carried away to the new world which is totally different from the ordinary life when I listened to the song through earphones at night. I’m somehow exhilarated by it even now when I hear this song in my car. This album, which has no dull song is something special for me among the albums by Pizzicato Five.  



  I also love the songs by Original Love, which is another band that Tajima belongs, but I remember that I was surprised when I found his way of singing totally different from the way he did as the vocalist of Pizzicato Five. However, the reason why I liked him was he never sticked to the same way in singing or even the genre. He was just like Paul Weller in some points, for example, he never went along with the current of the times even after the band became famous by the song “Seppun”.

 ライブ前に、いろいろと聴きなおして、気持ちが上がっています。一番新しいアルバムの「bless You!」も聴いていますが、とってもよくて気に入っています。弾き語りライブというのが、どんな感じになるのか楽しみです。

ORIGINAL LOVE / ハッピーバースデイソング(short version) 



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 Now I’m listening to his songs again and I realize them really good. I’m also listening to his latest album “Bless You!” and I found it quite good, too. I’m looking forward to seeing how the guitar accompaniment live goes. 


bless You! (完全生産限定盤)