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なぜか飽きない曲:私立恵比寿中学「紅の詩」 Songs I can’t get enough of: “Kurenai no Uta” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


 I still can’t help but listen to their songs. The 5th album is the first one for me to listen to Ebichu’s album, and I was into all the songs in it. I was lingering on the album for a while but finally moved on to their 4th Album and end up lingering each song in it, too. The song I listen to repeatedly the most is “Kurenai no Uta”, because this song is so cool.

紅の詩 / 私立恵比寿中学 @ちゅうおん2018


 This song has quite addictive lyrics.


 眠れない物語のペイジに 思いを紡ぎます

 項垂れを知らぬ稲穂が 星座と戯れています

 そんないつもと同じような夜に 奇跡はおこります

 オリオンが眠った隙に 世界は騒ぐのです

 On each page of the story that doesn’t allow you to sleep, I write what I am feeling.

 The rice ears that won’t be drooping are playing with constellations.

 On that ordinary night, a miracle happens.

 The world trys to let off steam while the Orion has fallen asleep.  


 I’m wondering why the sentences with “desu or masu” at the end of them stir my heart when they go well with the melodies. There must have been many songs with sentences like that since “Haruichiban” by Candies, and this song is somehow outstanding.  


 駱駝を照らしてお月様 琥珀の道へ

 眠れぬ 君のハートに 翼広げ 運命も加速したのに

 Under the moon shining down upon a camel, I am taking the road of amber,

 Spreading its wings over the heart of you sleepless, destiny has been gathering speed. 


 This part which is followed by the catchy part of this song is exquisitely meaningful and crisp.




 リアルまみれの海岸で 足がすくみ震えてます

 睡眠不足の女優 チャンスは一回きりのサスライト

 奇跡は待ってくれないよ 瞬く夜空の花火も

 Why don’t you give me a reply right away?

 I’m so longing for it that I could be a flightless pig

 My legs turn to jelly trembling at the seashore which is full of reality.

 An actress who is short of sleep. It’s now or never under the suspension lights.

 The moment of miracle won’t wait, and fireworks in the night sky won’t, too.


 There is a sudden change of tone in the sentences from “desu or masu” to somehow strongly decisive way at the end of them so I’m perfectly carried away. I can see a play of words about “Kurenai no Buta” here and find some part rhyme well so I can’t help but sing to myself. 



 The arrangement of this song enhances these excellent lyrics even more. There are many exciting parts such as the lively beginning of the song that somehow makes me thrilled, dragging triplets at the beginning of the second half, the emotional sound of the guitar in the interlude and so on. 


 However, the best part of this song is that I can tell clearly the strong personalities in their voices and the sincerities in their way of singing.