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ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ最終章を観て④:登場人物の魅力 アリア・スターク My Impressions of Game of Thrones Season 8 ④: The attractiveness of the characters Arya Stark


 Many royal families appear in this drama. You can see many sorts of people in a royal family, for example, the family members and relatives, people who work for them, military personnel, priests, merchants, and so on. This spectacular drama has more than 200 people in total.   


 At the end of season 7, someone who has the possibility of winning the throne of the seven kingdoms are narrowed down to the following three people, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen who is the only survivor of the previous kingdom, and Jon Snow from House Stark. Each of these three people has strong presence, of course, and what doubles the interest of this drama is many sorts of supporting roles.     



 Tyrion Lannister, who I mentioned the other day, is someone who can be called a key supporting role. Each of the brothers and sisters in House Stark has a powerful personality so every one of them also can be called a key supporting role. Arya Stark is especially fascinating among them.



  Although Arya is a spirited, witty girl, she felt a sense of inferiority against Sansa, her elder sister, when she was a little girl. Arya has grown up going through many kinds of hardships since Ned, her father, was publicly executed because she has been pursued by House Lannister. She was sometimes captured or abducted and end up becoming an apprentice to a group of assassins to acquire skills for battle. She finally gets back to Winterfell in the North, the home ground of House Stark, and plays an important role in the final season.



 The actor who played Arya is an English actress called Maisie Williams. The role she played for the fist time was Arya Stark. Am I the only person to think that she looks like Yumi Adachi, who is a Japanese actress? turkeyrice.hateblo.jp