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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル:「モヒート」 Good Cocktails in My Favorite Bar: “Mojito”



 The names of the cocktails which are written on the small white board in France Ya now are the summer specials. There is a cocktail that I’d feel happy if I could see the name of it on the white board at this time of year. The cocktail is “mojito”, a rum based cocktail.



 This cocktail, which consists of white rum, lime juice, sugar, soda water, a sprig of mint and a piece of lime, is a long drink with a relatively large volume. I couldn’t drink this cocktail last year because there wasn’t mint with good quality. I could finally have this cocktail that I’ve longed for the other day and I was so glad that I couldn't help smiling.


 Sometimes you can see foreigners in France Ya. I make a point of speaking to them as much as possible because I just want to improve my English skills. There was an English couple in their early sixties when I went there on that day. The husband said that he is teaching at a university in Tokyo, and the wife somehow lives in London. They traveled to Nagasaki. I had a good time with them just for a while.      


 Mojito is a cocktail that tastes good and is easy to drink, but is unexpectedly strong. I’d like to speak to some people with the help of this cocktail.