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〇〇入りのお酒?:「メスカル」 Strange but Tasty Spirits in My Favorite Bar: Mezcal



 On the counter in France Ya, there is a bottle that I’ve been interested in for a long time. The label on the bottle says TEHUANA and what I can see at the bottom of the bottle is a worm. 




 I’ve been interested in the bottle but I actually didn’t mention it so far, but I finally asked the bartender about it the other day. “It is a kind of tequila” he said simply, “it is a worm that lives in agave” he added about the worm.

 I’ve thought that tequila is made of cactus, but it is actually made of a kind of plants called agave which is totally different from cactus. According to Wikipedia the worm called gusano over there is considered a delicacy.  



「メスカルテワナは、メキシコ合衆国オアハカ州が誇るメスカルの中でも最高の品質と称されています。…メスカルと一緒にイモ虫(COSSUS REDTENBACH)が2匹入っていて、イモ虫を食べた方には幸せが訪れるとされています」


 There is another label that is on the bottle and it says as follows. “Mezcal Tehuana is the best mezcal in quality among the mezcals in Oaxaca, the United Mexican States…… two worms, called Cossus Redtenbach, are contained in each bottle and someone who has them is going to be happy”

 I wanted to be happy so I had it. I still don’t know the effect.