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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル:「マティーニ・オン・ザ・ロック」 Good Cocktails in My Favorite Bar: “Martini on the Rocks”



 The cocktail that I had for the first time was dry martini. I ordered it just to put on airs, I was still under 20 years of age at that time though, I ended up feeling sick just after taking a sip of it.. I didn’t like the taste of it and I even doubted that the person who made it mistakenly put dishwashing detergent or something in it. I just wanted to behave like James Bond. I still don’t like martini so much even now.



 The other day, I heard one of my friend order his drink by saying, “Bartender, give me a martini on the rocks”, and what I thought was, “Is there that kind of drink?”, ordering the same. 


 I was fascinated by the appearance of it, which was in a old-fashioned glass instead of cocktail glass. I felt it was quite easy to drink, perhaps due to the ice. I even felt it tasted quite good, and I drank up soon. I’m glad because I have another favorite drink now.


 余談ですが、先日、マスターが貸してくださったジャズのCDは、「Cattin’ with Art Pepper」と題したもので、「猫とジャズの不思議なランデブー」というシリーズの一枚でした。お酒を飲みながら聴くにはぴったりです。

 Let me say in passing that the CD the bartender let me borrow the other day was the one called, “Cattin’ with Art Pepper”, which is one of the CD of the series called “A miracle rendezvous that cats and jazz have”. It really goes well with drinks.


 I’m afraid but, this is my cat, Ocha.