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Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル「ビトウィーン・ザ・シーツ”Between the sheets”」


 The other day, I had a cocktail which I hadn't had for a long time and it has a name that sounds hinting something. The cocktail’s name is “Between the sheets”. I heard it is categorized as a “Night cap”, which are drinks that is suitable to have before going to bed, and it consists of the same amount of cognac, white rum, Triple sec, and a little bit lemon juice.



 This name “Between the sheets” perhaps reminds some people of an album which has the same name by The Isley Brothers. The title song which was released in 1983 has often been used as a source of sampling for Hip hop or R&B because it has impressive phrases. I used to listen to their songs released from Motown label, but this time I checked out and found many things about them I’ve never known so far so I was surprised. It seems like they debuted in 1950’s and since then they’ve been active for almost 60 years while some members have been leaving.  



  I don’t want this to be taken as a bad pun, but Amy Winehouse sung a song titled “Between the cheats” and I also love this song.

Amy Winehouse - Between the Cheats New Song 2011


  Let’s get back to the original topic, the cocktail is quite strong one and it has a refreshing taste so I can say it’s something rather keeps you awake than makes you sleepy. 

Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets