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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル「ホット・ティフィン」:Good cocktails in my favorite bar “Hot Tiffin”



 If you want to warm your chilled body you can use this cocktail, too.

 In France Ya, you find a small white board on which the cocktails of the season are written. Now in winter, those cocktails are something hot like hot whisky, hot rum and so on. The cocktail I ordered the other day was the one at the bottom of the list and it was the first time for me to have it.That was “hot tiffin”, based on tea liqueur.   



 This cocktail is made of the tea liqueur called “Tiffin” which is from Germany and milk, plus sprinkled with nutmeg powder and flavored with cinnamon stick. It tastes like milk tea mixed with some spirit, and it can really warm your body. “They usually have this iced” said the bartender.   



 The bartender always wrap the cinnamon stick left in the glass so you can take it home. At this time of year, my room is fragrant with cinnamon as it is a mysterious kind of novelty shop.