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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル:「シンガポール・スリング」 Good Cocktails in My Favorite Bar: “Singapore Sling”



 A woman from Singapore had been working with us in my office until the end of July. Her native language is English, and she speaks Japanese quite fluently. I always spoke to her unnecessarily in English just to improve my English skills. She always wore a pleasant smile and willingly had a conversation with me, so I learned a lot from her.



 Several coworkers and I had a farewell party for her at a barbecue restaurant and then went to France-Ya. The cocktail I decisively ordered this time was “Singapore Sling”. I’ve somehow never had this cocktail before, even though it’s a really well-known cocktail.


  I heard that this cocktail was created to give the impression of the beautiful sunset in Singapore, and was made from gin, cherry brandy, lemon juice and sugar, after shaking these ingredients soda is added. She doesn’t like alcohol so she had soft drinks on that day, too. I asked her about Raffles Hotel’s Singapore Sling without expectation and, sure enough, she hadn’t had this cocktail at the hotel.  



 She gave me a souvenir from Singapore when she came back from her holiday homecoming before. It was kaya, a kind of coconut jam. Kaya is made from coconut milk and eggs, and it is not sweet too much. In Singapore, Kaya is typically spread on toast and eaten especially in the morning almost everyday.


 She loves some idol groups from the agency called Johnny & Associates, and Japanese animation movies, too. I hope she will visit Japan again sometime in the future.