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Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル 「キューバ・リバー”Cuba Libre”」



 Recently, I brought up a couple of topics about rum such as “Bacardi” kind of a rum cocktail, and “Captain Morgan Private Stock” a flavored rum you can enjoy on the rocks. A cocktail that intrigued me the other day was also a rum cocktail when I turned the pages of the menu in France Ya. The cocktail was “Cuba Libre”.  It is a rum cocktail mixed with cola and lime juice.  




  “Libre is not river” the bartender said. The word is Spanish and it means liberty. The name of the cocktail appears to be derived from the fact that the cocktail originated in Cuba when the country won independence from Spain and cola was from America which supported Cuba. 

 Whiskey Coke is the cocktail I had for the first time in my life. Whiskey Coke is quite familiar to me because it was the title of a song sung by Yazawa Eikichi who I was a big fan of when I was a boy, but I feel Cuba Libre is mellower and more delicious than that despite using the same cola. Long drinks fill me up soon but I sometimes want to enjoy this cocktail.