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Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル 「ヨコハマ」


 I wrote about the cocktail “Kamikaze” in this blog before. That cocktail seems really just like Japanese one with that name, but actually it may be from America. You can find a cocktail with just a name of a place in Japan when you look over the menu of France Ya. The cocktail is “Yokohama”.



 Whenever I see “Yokohama” in the menu, I feel like ordering it but I always hesitate to do so. This cocktail looks really tasty but it contains a spirit which has a peculiar flavor. Pernod also known as absinthe. Pernod is a brand name from France. I remember when I had a cocktail which contained absinthe for the first time and I winced at the strange sweetness and bitterness of it. “This cocktail was invented by a bartender who worked on a passenger liner” the bartender told me. I also checked it out by myself only to know that the passenger liner was on the far east run, and there wasn’t any information about who the bartender was or even what nationality he or her was.


 The cocktail is made of 2 parts dry gin, 1part vodka, 1part orange juice, 1 part grenadine syrup and  just a dash of Pernod. I ordered it for the first time in a long while. With just the first sip, I could feel the scent of Pernod was overpowering even though it was used just a little. I drunk it with relish enjoying the coloring like the sunset.