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Songs I’m into now: 今ハマっている曲 椎名林檎と宮本浩次「獣ゆく細道」


 It was something really unpredictable again. Ringo Sheena who has collaborated with many artists worked with Miyamoto Hiroji from Elephant Kashimashi this time. It was also unpredictable for me that she worked with Tortoise Matsumoto on her last song which was really good. I was excited about the unique collaboration this time, too, and I downloaded the song soon. I was impressed already at the  introduction with the dramatic sounds of the brass section in a blink. It was really cool.


椎名林檎&トータス松本、デュエットで銀座を歌う  「GINZA SIX」スペシャルムービー「メインストリート」篇


 Ringo seemed to join an event called Satsumanin Hestival held in Kagoshima city and collaborated with SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS. I don’t know what song they played this time, but with the same collaboration, there was my favorite song titled “Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu” from the album “Ukina”. This event Satsumanian which more than 50 artists showed up in was an incredibly big event for a local one. My favorite bands like Suiyobi no campanella or Yaba T also joined the event so I was overwhelmed just by looking at the lineup. It’s an event that I really want to go to.