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仏蘭西屋の美味しいカクテル:「ブラジン」 Good Cocktails in My Favorite Bar: “Brandy & Ginger Ale”



 Speaking of cocktails with ginger ale, there are some cocktails that soon come to mind, for example, Moscow Mule, Gin Buck, and so on. The one that the bartender of France Ya recommended me the other day was “Bra-Gin”. “It’s a cocktail using brandy and ginger ale, I had a lot of orders before” the bartender said, so I gave it a try.  



 It was quite easy to drink and very tasty. I checked it out on the internet, and I found it is probably not recognized as a cocktail officially. There was just one article, on the website of Suntory, that mentioned this cocktail. The article said the cocktail was quite popular in Ginza before World War Ⅱ.


 On that day, a bartender, who travels all over the country visiting bars because he wants to have his own bar, came to the bar as a customer. He is usually working at a bar close to the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station. He makes a point of visiting bars in many areas during winter vacation every year, and this time he was going around Kyusyu area. I’d like to visit his bar when he runs his own bar in the future.