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The TV dramas I can’t take my eyes off : 最後まで目が離せないドラマ 4回目のレヴュー 綾瀬はるかさん主演「義母と娘のブルース」


  Each drama of this season is coming to the climax now. “Stepmother and daughter's blues” has never been in a slump, on the contrary, I can’t take my eyes off it all the more. I’m wondering whether the bakery run by Mugita, Satoh Takeru plays, can succeed or not, and also wondering how this story will come to an end, I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

『義母と娘のブルース』9/11(火) #9 夫に見守られた9年間と新たな愛の予感…義母が下す決断とは??【TBS】


 This drama somehow reminds me of my favorite drama. That was “My way” featuring Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. I somehow feel that they are quite alike in some ways like warm atmosphere or music being used in them. Both are the same in a point that they make me feel attached to everyone who appears in them. By the way, it was “My way” in which I knew Ayase Haruka as an actor for the first time. She played a high school girl in it and her performance was quite impressive.



 I badly wanted to read the original comics so I ordered them on Amazon. They were soon delivered but I’m restraining the urge to read them until the drama ends.