The TV drama I love all the more : ますます好きなドラマ 再レヴュー 綾瀬はるかさん主演「義母と娘のブルース」


 Now that I’ve watched the 4th episode, I cannot contain myself for loving the drama. I had been giggling all the time, then ended up creasing my face in tears.


 This drama seems to have something fraught with sorrow which is unavoidable. I somehow feel as if I were tasting the delicious flesh of a fruit knowing I would reach the core which would be quite bitter while I’m watching the drama.


 Adding to the charm of Ayase Haruka, the brilliance of Takenouchi Yutaka who plays her husband is standing out now. Now I feel even irrational rage against this episode as if it were a someone who makes the other love himself or herself badly and then says good bye, because the episode showed the audience how good the husband played by Takenouchi Yutaka is as a husband and also a father, then it revealed he won’t live long.

『義母と娘のブルース』7/31(火) #4 最愛の娘と過ごす夏! 父が下した家族の愛のカタチ…【TBS】 


  However, it seems that this plot is unpredictable. First, I’m wondering about the existence of a guy played by Sato Takeru who sometimes incoherently but also meaningfully appears in the drama. Plus, I could have a bright hope by a comment which was stated convincingly by Iwaki Akiko at the end of the episode. I’m writhing in agony with the feeling that I can’t wait for the next episode, saying “How dare you do this to me!”.