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The TV dramas really unpredictable: 先の読めないドラマ 再々レヴュー 綾瀬はるかさん主演「義母と娘のブルース」


 I can’t stop loving this drama now. Now that 6 episodes have finished in this drama, the plot is still unpredictable but somehow heating up.

『義母と娘のブルース』8/14(火) #6 第2章スタート!! 父の愛がつなぐ10年【TBS】


  In the 5th episode, as I wrote in this blog before, the fact that Ryoichi played by Takenouchi Yutaka had scirrhous cancer was revealed but somehow they made the audience feel relieved at the ending showing some hope. After they puzzled the audience that way, they let us know about his death through the news to Miyuki, Ryoichi’s daughter, at the beginning of the 6th episode. Leaving the weeping audience behind, ten years has passed in the drama so Miyuki is a high school student now. Akiko played by Ayase Haruka has earned their living by day-trading at home to cherish the life with Miyuki, but she made a decision that she would go out to work in order to show Miyuki what a working member of society should do. She then finally made up her mind to work at a bakery because she happened to pick up a flyer which was full of spelling mistakes.


  The performance of Yokomizo Naho who played young Miyuki was so good that I was worried about next actor who will play Miyuki as a high school girl, but now I’m sure that the worry was groundless. Kamishiraishi Mone who plays Miyuki now naturally performs the role very well. This time I felt Satoh Takeru’s role was becoming more important in the story, but the plot is still perfectly unpredictable.


  I pay attention Akiko’s remarks every time. This time I was exhilarated by the words, which Akiko said raising her bankbook to tell Miyuki how she saved money, “No free! No man! and No holiday!”. Plus, there were words which were said to Miyuki, they really made me cry……, as follows.