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A TV program inconspicuous but somewhat attractive: 地味だけど心惹かれるTV番組「鉄道ひとり旅」


 I’m not sure when it began, but there has been a TV program which I look forward to watching on Sunday morning. The title is “Shin Tetsudo Hitoritabi”. I happened to find a website of the TV program saying it had been broadcast on satellite before, but now in Nagasaki it is transmitted on a terrestrial network from six thirty a.m. every Sunday. I tend to get up early in the morning even on Sunday, then I usually read books lying on the floor, leaving TV on, but once the TV program begins I always sit up straight before I know to watch it.  

【予告】新・鉄道ひとり旅#58〜長崎電気軌道 編


 In the program, Yoshikawa Masahiro who is one of a pair of stand-up comedians named Darling Honey appears to travel around by trains all over the country without any plans. He decides on the spur of the moment whether he gets on or off so It is quite usual that he fails to have an interview with someone. The other day, I was glad to see he happened to be in Shimabara to cover Shimabara Railway. I like to watch scenes of having a meal when he visits a small restaurant without appointment, and I feel hungry because his manner of eating is as good as Goro’s in “Kodoku no Gourmet”. Recently, I was surprised to hear the news that Kataoka Kenta, the vocalist of sumika, is Yoshikawa’s brother in law. I was a bit excited when I found an unexpected connection between some things I like.

【予告】新・鉄道ひとり旅#33~島原鉄道 編〜

【予告】新・鉄道ひとり旅#57~松浦鉄道 編